Message from the Chief

Welcome and thank you for your interest in the Sylva Police Department and the safety of our wonderful community.

My name is Chris Hatton and I am the Chief of Police of the Sylva Police Department. I am excited and honored to serve as Chief of Police in the beautiful Town of Sylva. As your Police Chief, I am working daily to build partnerships with residents, business leaders and community groups to make all our lives better. I believe that every citizen and visitor in Sylva deserves respect, courtesy and the protections of the U.S. Constitution. I will ensure that we, the Sylva Police Department, engage in legal, ethical, respectful and professional policing services for all citizens. I have been supervising groups of police officers for over 21 years. As a police leader, my love for people has always been the driving force for me. If you ever need anything from the Sylva Police Department, please let me be the one to help you.  

The Sylva Police Department believes in the principles of community policing, but we need your help.  Community policing means the police and community work together to solve problems in the community. If everyone pitched in and helped with community problems, even something small, just think of the impact we could have?  Our community would be so much stronger.  So, I encourage you to find ways to help us make our community better, get involved with the Sylva Police Department.

Your police department wants to get to know you. My hopes are that you will give us a reason to meet with you, your business staff, or civic & church group. The Sylva Police Department is always looking for ways to strengthen our relationships with the community we serve.  We are all excited about the chance to meet you.

Together, we can make Sylva even better!

Chris Hatton, M.J.A.

Chief of Police