The Sylva Police Department is proud to host a combined course to educated people who sell alcohol.  The course combines two already existing classes the NC ALE B.A.R.S Class and the NC ABC R.A.S.P class. 


The B.A.R.S (Be A Responsible Seller) program has been used since the early 1980’s, it teaches how to spot underage and intoxicated people, properly check IDs, and how to refuse sales to intoxicate individuals.  It is recommended for all employees who are responsible for serving alcoholic beverages.


The R.A.S.P (Responsible Alcohol Seller Program) is regulated by the NC ABC and is a requirement for ABC Permit Holders.  This course adds additional training topics such as hours of legal sale, happy hour laws, and many other regulations involved in the sale of Alcohol.


These classes are free of charge and being offered to all ABC Permit Holders and their employees.  The Course will be taught in conjunction with the NC Alcohol Law Enforcement and located at the Sylva Police Department. Registration is required to receive credit/certificate


All of the classes start at 6:00 PM and last 2 hours.

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